Fresh from her great success, we caught up with Minh Anh to ask about her experiences in London.

Watch her award-winning speech here.

Did you enjoy your classes at BlueSky?

“I participated in BlueSky’s Leadership and Public speaking Programme and I was more than thankful that I did. I was lucky enough to learn from teachers Aaron and Maddy, both of whom were dedicated and unquestionably attentive to each student. Every lesson was comprehensive since each problem was discussed in depth and all class activities were creatively designed. Thanks to valuable lessons I received during BlueSky’s summer camp, I find myself much more capable as a leader and a speaker. But for those lessons, I could not have won the first prize in BlueSky’s public speaking competition on the Finale night.”

What was your favourite excursion?

“I enjoyed all excursions that we took part in, but my favourite was definitely our trip to Warner Bros’ Studio. I may be a little biased when it comes to choosing my favourite excursion since I have been a Potterhead for quite some time. I had been looking forward to this trip even before coming to London and this excursion was beyond my expectations. I might be too emotional, but I actually cried looking at Hogwarts castle for the first time. But what really made the experience so memorable to me was the fact that I had an opportunity to enjoy three hours at this wonderful place with my amazing new friends. We took lots of photos and had so much fun. This excursion was the highlight of my trip to London.”

Can you describe your best day in London?

“It is hard to choose a favourite day, but I would say our last day in London was an enjoyable day to me. In the morning, we visited the Vietnamese Embassy in London and I felt extremely proud to have a chance to wear ao dai, our traditional clothes in London. Then, in the afternoon, we went to the Science Museum and it was a eye-opening experience to me. After dinner, we gathered together and had the most amazing Disco night ever. We sang and danced and I actually burst into tears at the end of the party. It was the last day that I realized how lucky I was to have been part of that ten-day journey and above all to have met such amazing friends. It was an emotional and and memorable day to me.”

What was your overall impression of London and BlueSky camps?

“I was overwhelmed by the magnificent architecture of London and by the friendliness of its people. Our accommodation at UCL on Camden Road provided us with all necessities we needed. The canteen staff were kind to us and I do hope that we had made a good impression on them as well. It is not an overstatement to say BlueSky’s camps were amazing – their incredible staff, useful lessons and interesting excursions unarguably succeeded in making our summer memorable.”

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