Educational Programmes in the UK

BlueSky in London

A city with a deep history

London was founded by the Roman Empire around 2000 years ago; it is steeped in history and culture. The city was the heart of the British Empire – the biggest and most influential empire in human history. The UK is the best place to learn English, at its origin London boasts an immense wealth of tourist attractions. Your students will have a plethora of happy photo memories to take home with them

London Programmes

Leadership and Public Speaking

London is an ideal place to learn about Leadership and Public Speaking due to its leading political status in Europe. 

Harry Potter Drama

London is a centre of arts, music and culture – the best place in the UK for students to learn performing arts.

Business Management Programme

The City of London is a financial centre which bridges the U.S. economy with the Asian economy. Because of this unique position, London is an economic and business powerhouse

University Preparation

London is considered a global education superpower, with many prestigious universities, and Oxford and Cambridge close by.

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