January 2018 is here and we’ve been making…

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are promises to try something new (climb a mountain), get better at something (do more exercise), or even to stop doing something in the new year (stop smoking).

However, 22% of people fail their resolution in the first week, and 40% fail after the first month!

Here are our top 5 tips to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions!


Feel confident that you can do it! It all starts with you – if you believe you can achieve your goal, you are more likely to succeed. And if you go wrong, don’t give up – carry on going! If you miss one day of your violin practice, just start again the next day.


Think Why

Think about why you chose this promise. For example, I want to learn Spanish so I can go to Spain in 2018.Thinking about why will help you to remember your resolution.



Link your promise with a plan to help you. If my resolution is do more exercise – how many times a week? What kind of exercise? How far do I run or swim?




Tell your friends and family about your goal. They can help you keep going when you find it hard. Maybe some of them have the same promise – then you can work together!


Don’t Wait

Maybe you didn’t start your New Year’s Resolution on January 1st 2018. Does this mean you have to wait until January 1st 2019 to start? No! Start on February 1st, or next Monday, or even today! Every day is a new time to start, and it’s never too late.


“I want to properly learn German in 2018.” – Alissa – BlueSky London


“My resolution for 2018 is to run the Tokyo marathon.” – Rich – BlueSky Singapore


“I signed up for a class to learn how to play the violin.” – Mai – BlueSky Sydney


Is your New Year’s Resolution to improve your English public speaking skills?

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you in 2018! Email us for more information about our Leadership and Public Speaking courses: enquiry@bluesky-education.com

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