At camp, each day is a new adventure! 

A typical day at BlueSky camps

Every morning, students will start their day with choice of either local breakfast or continental breakfast. Next, students will move on to their cultural workshop or Leadership and Public Speaking class.

Students attending our London camp will enjoy learning about British history and culture including Shakespeare and famous Kings and Queens.

If students come to Singapore, they will find out how Sir Raffles discovered the island, called it “Singapura” which means “Lion city”, and how Singapore became one of the world’s economic miracles in just one generation.
Those joining our Australian summer camp will be able to go back home and boast with their parents and classmates that they know the stars in Australian flags is the Southern Cross Constellation, and that it is only visible in the southern hemisphere!
After their class is finished, students will begin prepping for their talent show and debates and our teachers or camp counsellors will be there to assist them.

Students will enjoy a delicious lunch with a choice of local or international cuisine to suit all palates. After lunch students will head off to one of many organised excursions. 

Excursions are linked to the curriculum so that students can maximise their use of English and understanding of specific landmark or museum. Students can look forward to enjoying the excursions with their new friends who come from all over the world.

Our carefully designed camp schedule allows students to participate in organised evening events with their new friends or to chill out and rest. There are a variety of evening activities on offer from sports to discos, karaoke, movies, creative & media project, among others. 

Students can also use their evening time to work on their speeches in preparation for the final public speaking contest, or to practice their performances for the talent show.

There will also be opportunity for students and camp leaders to relax and bond through team building activities, chit-chat, or simply chilling out.

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