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Study Abroad in SG: Bluesky Education’s Campus Stay Partners

News | February 14, 2023

Study Abroad Singapore: BlueSky Education’s Campus Partners For Singapore



Are you ready to explore the world of international study and travel? With BlueSky Education’s ever-expanding list of campus partners across Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia, there’s never been a better time to gain an immersive, global education. From prestigious universities to entirely new countries, why not take this opportunity to discover something new and open your horizons in 2023? Whether it’s taking classes or immersing yourself in the culture, expand your horizons and join us on our journey to discovery!

BlueSky Education Singapore Partners

At BlueSky Education, we understand that international study abroad programmes can be incredibly rewarding experiences for students, allowing them to explore new cultures, meet new people and experience new things. We want to make international student exchange programmes more accessible, giving you the chance to discover fresh cultures, connect with new people and spark life-changing experiences. Make your mark on the globe – we’ve collaborated with universities and educational institutions in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia so that you can enjoy a truly unique study adventure abroad. So don’t delay, start your journey today!

Our 2023 Singapore accommodation & classrooms campus partners include the following campuses nationwide. (Some campuses only have classrooms/facilities availability)

  1. Hwachong International School
  2. Dunman Highschool Boarding
  3. Raffles Institution
  4. National University of Singapore
  5. Anglo Chinese School (ACS) Oldham Hall
  6. United World College (South East Asia)
  7. Nanyang High School Boarding

If you’re studying abroad, living on campus is the best way to get the most out of that experience! Here are five awesome reasons why:

  1. Swap stories and learn a new culture and language – fully immerse yourself in your host country and make meaningful connections from around the world.
  2. Access all the university has to offer – libraries, computer labs, career advisors and more, everything you need for successful studying is right at your doorstep.
  3. Create lasting friendships – develop strong relationships with students and faculty members, it’ll help make adjusting to life in a foreign place much easier.
  4. Learn from renowned professors – take advantage of lectures, seminars and other activities to gain new knowledge and make inform decisions about your pathway planning.
  5. Enjoy a safe and comfortable home away from home – stay secure and well-maintained on campus and relax while you study!

Living on campus when studying abroad is a great way to make the most of your educational experience and with BlueSky Education, you can access the resources and expertise to make your study abroad dreams come true and gain an unforgettable experience.

Not sure which school destination would suit you or your students? We’ve compiled a brief historical summary and the school’s specialisation in this article.


Hwachong International School

campus stay, Study Abroad in SG: Bluesky Education’s Campus Stay Partners, Bluesky Education

The journey for Hwachong International School began in 1987 when it was founded by three visionary educators. Over the years, the school has grown from a single classroom to a global educational powerhouse. With its diverse student body, engaging curriculum and focus on innovation, Hwachong has become a leader in creating an environment for students to learn and grow.

Today, Hwachong is known around the world for its commitment to educating future generations of global citizens and inspiring young minds to explore the limits of their own potential.

Dunman Highschool Boarding

campus stay, Study Abroad in SG: Bluesky Education’s Campus Stay Partners, Bluesky Education

Dunman Highschool Boarding is one of the oldest and most prestigious residential schools in Singapore. Founded in 1902, it has a long and illustrious history of educating some of the nation’s top minds. Its alumni include prominent politicians, business leaders, scientists, artists and more, all of whom have participated in shaping Singapore’s vibrant culture and economy.

More than just an institution of learning, Dunman Highschool Boarding strives to offer its students a home away from home: a safe and nurturing environment where they can grow both academically and personally. By blending academics with extracurricular activities, the school encourages each student to reach their fullest potential and make a positive contribution to society.

Dunman Highschool Boarding provides an unparalleled educational experience – one that will stay with its graduates for life.

Raffles Institution

campus stay, Study Abroad in SG: Bluesky Education’s Campus Stay Partners, Bluesky Education

Raffles Institution has been at the forefront of providing excellence in education since 1823. Founded by Sir Stamford Raffles, the school has a rich history and is renowned for its rigorous academic standards, vibrant campus life and dedication to nurturing young minds. From humble beginnings as a small boarding school in colonial Singapore, the institution grew to become a leading educational provider, offering top-level tuition in many subjects.

It has also developed into a hub for extra-curricular activities including sports, music, drama and debate; becoming renowned for producing some of Singapore’s most talented and successful citizens.

Today, as it celebrates over two centuries of enlightened teaching and learning, Raffles Institution remains committed to developing students with a deep understanding of the world around them and empowering them to reach their full potential.

National University of Singapore

campus stay, Study Abroad in SG: Bluesky Education’s Campus Stay Partners, Bluesky Education

Founded in 1905, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is one of the world’s top universities and a beacon of academic excellence. From humble beginnings as an academic medical school, NUS has since grown into a leading institution in research and innovation.

Today, the university boasts 24 faculties, 17 schools and 21 research centres and institutes. With a vibrant community of students, researchers, professionals and academics, NUS has become a hub for learning and exploration.

Over the years, the University has contributed immensely to the country’s progress and growth by producing cutting-edge research, providing extensive student opportunities and nurturing a diverse learner community. To this day, NUS remains committed to creating impactful change in the region – propelling the nation towards greater heights.

Anglo Chinese School (ACS) Oldham Hall

campus stay, Study Abroad in SG: Bluesky Education’s Campus Stay Partners, Bluesky Education

Established in 1985, Anglo Chinese School (ACS) Oldham Hall is one of the most established and respected international schools in Singapore. For over 30 years, ACS Oldham Hall has been at the forefront of education, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation, while staying true to its Asian roots. With an exciting and diverse curriculum, an impressive array of extracurricular activities, and a nurturing atmosphere of support and encouragement, ACS Oldham Hall provides students with the perfect platform to pursue their dreams and develop into responsible, confident adults.

Today, Oldham Hall continues to provide a stimulating yet supportive learning environment for children from all walks of life.


United World College (South East Asia)

campus stay, Study Abroad in SG: Bluesky Education’s Campus Stay Partners, Bluesky Education

Founded in 1971, United World College (South East Asia) is a remarkable international school that has grown from humble beginnings to become an acclaimed institution of learning. From its inception, the college has championed the values of global understanding and peace by bringing together students from across the world and providing them with a holistic education.


Through its myriad programmes, ranging from the core academic curriculum to community-based initiatives, UWCSEA continues to inspire young people and challenge them to excel both within and beyond the classroom. The college’s mission of creating a better and more peaceful world through education is evident in the strong sense of inclusivity and collaboration among staff, students and alumni alike.

Nanyang High School Boarding

campus stay, Study Abroad in SG: Bluesky Education’s Campus Stay Partners, Bluesky Education

Established in 1938, Nanyang High School Boarding has been offering a world-class education and experience to students of all backgrounds for over 80 years. From its humble beginnings as a small boarding school with limited resources, Nanyang High School Boarding has grown into one of the largest and most prestigious institutions in Singapore.

With its strong academic curriculum, engaging extracurricular activities, and engaging residential life, Nanyang High School Boarding offers an unforgettable learning journey that encourages creativity and personal growth. Students leave with invaluable knowledge and memories, equipped to thrive in the global community.


That wraps our Singapore campus partners for 2023

At BlueSky Education, we believe that international study abroad programmes provide students with an invaluable opportunity to explore new cultures, expand their horizons and make lasting memories. Our 2023 Singapore campus partners encompass a vibrant array of learning institutions and universities situated throughout the Lion City. Whether it’s the iconic skyline of Marina Bay or the bustling haze of Chinatown, Singapore will surely leave you inspired.

We invite you to join us on an unforgettable journey to discover the colourful streets and sights of Singapore through our exclusive range of international study abroad programmes – and make memories to last a lifetime.