BlueSky Leadership & Public Speaking Programmes

Our Leadership & Public Speaking programmes are best suited for students seeking exposure to an authentic English speaking environment and hands-on learning that builds confidence in leadership and public speaking, and inspire them to strive for academic excellence. Through these programmes, lifelong friendships are made.

Why Choose Us?

  • Leadership & Public Speaking curriculum – a guide to being an effective communicator

    At BlueSky Education, we pride ourselves on strong academic programmes suitable for all levels of English. All programmes are written in-house by experienced academic staff, and are regularly updated to ensure the highest quality of education.

    Leadership: Students focus on the 5 practices of successful leaders and apply them to personalised projects.

    Public Speaking: Individual speeches are developed by looking at speech structures, emphasis, convincing techniques, and language to empower. Approaches to speech writing are divided into pre-speech, during-speech, and post-speech sections to consider the full influence of public speaking.

    Cultural Appreciation: Absorb local culture, use slang and special words, learn historical facts and taste local food, including marmite, kaya jam, and Australian cookies.

    English Language Focus: Improve English language skills through continuous use and communicative scavenger hunt tasks during excursions.

  • University on-campus and boarding school accommodation

    Students will have the opportunity to experience university campus life as an international student in each destination city.

    Hostels are optimally located with convenient transport links, and include all basic amenities such as on-site canteen, communal areas, laundry service, etc. Students may have a single room or share a room with other students.

    London: University College London, University of London, University of Greenwich, and other independent hostels.

    Singapore: Nanyang High School, Hwachong International School, ACS Independent International School, Dunman High School, National University of Singapore, and other boarding school hostels.

    Sydney: University of Sydney, Macquarie University, University of New South Wales.

  • Cultural classes & excursions linked for optional learning

    Guided tours around the destination city give students the opportunity to apply what they learn in class. Our selection of attractions and excursion sites are carefully designed to fit in seamlessly with in-class teaching materials. 

    We also design comprehensive & interactive group activities that encourage students to bring out their best selves. Activities include scavenger hunts, sports, team-building games, quiz night, karaoke night, movie night, and the popular creative and media project.

  • Competitive public speaking contest & talent show

    Every student’s unique talent is celebrated on Finale Night.

    Public speaking contest: Students who have passed the previous qualifying rounds will compete at the final round of the public speaking contest. Contestants will be judged by a panel consisted of BlueSky teachers and honoured guests.

    Talent show: Students will also have a chance to showcase their skills as part of the popular talent show. Diverse perspectives and skills from students are highly encouraged. Past performances include singing, dancing, rapping, playing musical instruments, acting, magic show, mind-reading, martial arts, music videos, etc.

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