Unique Educational Courses

Innovation, technology and where east meets west

We our Young Leaders, Green Technology and Robotics Programmes, our Singapore programmes havee something to offer every student. Each course has been devised with the student in mind in order to create a unique, fun and rewarding experience in one of the most progressive and vibrant cities in Asia. Students can be inspired by Singapore Scientific Innovation, have first-hand cultural experiences in a city where east meets west, and explore Singapore’s unique lifestyle and sights.

Our Singapore Courses

Young Leaders and Public Speaking

BlueSky Education is proud to present our flagship Young Leaders and Public Speaking Programme. The course aim is to increase students’ confidence in spoken English as well as help them develop key life-skills.


Singapore is known throughout the world as a centre of scientific innovation and at the forefront of environmental technology. Students will study English through the theme of STEM subjects, focussing particularly on environmental science and renewable resources.


Singapore is at the forefront of some of these technologies and our course is taught by some of the best trainers of Robotics available. Those who have a stronge understanding of this field will be in high demand.


Programme Highlights

We are proud of the unique and rewarding programmes we have created.


Engaging Lessons

Communicative based lessons with a focus on skills and speaking English

Activity Programme

Full activity programme with local trips, visits  to famous locations and teambuilding tasks.

Full Day Excursions

Excursions by private coach to historial and significant towns and cities.

Accommodation and Meals

Our all-inclusive programmes provide quality accommodation and all meals.