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Frequently Asked Questions 

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About Camp Programs

Q: How long is the camp?

A: Our camps run for 6 weeks offering the option of 2- week or 3 week courses.  Typical camps open for arrivals on Sundays and departures on Saturdays.


Q: Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

A: Yes, students will receive a certificate of completion if their attendance is at least 90% of classes. We require students to attend all classes, except due to health reasons.


Q: Where do students come from?

A: Our students generally come from all over the world. Naturally, for Singapore and Australia camps, more students from Asia Pacific region are expected due to their geographical locations.


Q: Where are the camps hosted? (Accommodation and Classrooms)

A: We host our schools with our partners within reputable universities in our chosen cities.  We offer safe and affordable accommodation of a high standard to our clients.


Q: How will you check my English level?

A: Students will sit a placement test and placed into a class suited to their level after careful assessment by the Academic Manager.


Q: Who are camp teachers?

A: Our inspiring native-speaking teachers are fully qualified and accredited. They are highly experienced in bringing out the best in their students, facilitate effective language learning skills; and in the process prepare them relevant knowledge and vocabulary needed during excursions. Our teachers will also guide and coach students along for their preparation for in-class public speaking, talent show as well as the grand performance during Public Speaking Competition and Talent Show on Finale Night.


Q: What is the class size of Leadership & Public Speaking classes?

A: Maximum class-size is 25 students in Singapore and Sydney camps, and 20 students in London camps.


Q: How many hours of lessons will there be?

A: All courses will offer a minimum of 12 hours of cultural workshop lessons or Leadership and Public Speaking classes per week.


Q: Will Blue Sky Camp staff supervise students 24/7?

A: Yes, Blue Sky staff operate according to Child Safeguarding laws and best practice.  Students will be supervised at all times with staff staying in the same accommodation as our students. Additionally, group leaders accompanying students will also stay in the same accommodation to ensure appropriate cover. 


Q: How does day at a camp typically look like?

A: Please click here for more detail on a typical day at camp.


Q: Can parents come with the students?

A: Parents are allowed to come, they may be placed to stay in the same hostels with students or other accommodations arrangements depending on availability. Parents are not allowed to sit in students’ classes. Typically, we will arrange for a separate sightseeing/ tours for parents if the number is sufficient.


Q: What are camp attractions and excursions?   

A: We have a carefully selected list of attractions at destination city to give students a chance to get to know the city, as well as to visit educational centres, historical monuments and museums. Visits to famous universities and college campuses have also inspired our students to strive for academic excellence.


Q: What are typical camp team building games/ activities?

A: Our Camp Facilitators are trained to run fun-filled team-building activities (sample games: human entanglement, balloon race, blind mouse, etc.). Debriefing after the games will help students to understand main leadership & team-building learning points.


Q: Are bespoke camp programmes available?

A: In addition to our fantastic flagship Leadership and Public Speaking programmes, we can also offer year-round bespoke programmes for schools/general groups. We can design a wide variety of programmes tailored to your interests, e.g. Drama, Eco-science, Robotics, etc.

For more information on what packages we can create for you, get in touch at enquiry@bluesky-education.com, or fill our a Contact Us form.


Q: Do I need a visa?

A: You may need a visa, depending on your nationality and the country of camp destination. For example, students who are EU citizens will not need a visa when travelling to the UK, and students who are from ASEAN countries will not need a visa when travelling to Singapore.

For guidance on how to apply for a U.K. visa, click here.


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Accommodation & Food


Q:  Where do students stay?

A: We partner with reputable universities / schools and hostels providers to host our camps. Students will stay in student hostels which are clean and safe. Students will have a feel of what it is like being a student in the destination city.


Q: Are classes and hostels in the same place?

A: Depending on the allocation of hostels and classrooms, classes and hostels may be at the same university or school, or otherwise.


Q: How many students in a hostel room?

A: Students could be staying in single-occupancy rooms (typically for older students), or shared rooms.


Q: Will boys and girls stay in same or separate hostel?

A: Boys and girls will be placed in separate rooms. They could be in different floor or same floor. Typically escorting teachers/adults may stay on the same floor as students for easy group control.


Q: What are food selections?

A: Local foods and international food are rotated during the week.


Q: If students have special dietary needs, can it be accommodated?

A: Yes, please fill in the health information form attached in our student registration form.[/su_tab]

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Q: How do we know students are safe?

A: Students will be attended at all time by your own escorting teachers/ adults, as well as our camp managers and facilitators.

Our hostels are typically equipped with surveillance system and guards. Students are not allowed to be out after 10:00pm.


Q: What insurance does BlueSky have?

A: All students and their activities are covered under our public liability insurance. At the same time, all students attending BlueSky camp are required to buy comprehensive travel insurance which cover overseas medical expenses, personal content etc…


Q: What are emergency response procedure? What if  students have small injuries?

A: Our on-site manager(s) will be the first to response to any emergencies. We have access to medical doctor(s) 24 hours a day, so if there are any minor issues we are able to deal with them with the appropriate urgency.


Q: Is there 24/7 emergency number to call?

A: Yes, we will provide 24/7 emergency number to your camp escorting teachers/ adults and students.


Q: How can parents monitor where the students are?

A: Our students have a full programme of classes and activities, and as such we know where they are. At night time, we will also have checking procedure to make sure all students are in their rooms.[/su_tab]

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Camp Preparation 


Q: Should we buy travel insurance for students?

A: Yes, it is compulsory. Our terms and conditions require you/ students buy comprehensive travel insurance covering overseas medical expenses and contents. We will ask for proof of such insurance policies from you for all students prior to accepting them to our camp.


Q: What should students pack for the camp?

A:  Student should pack clothes appropriate for weather in the destination city during the holiday camps. Note that London could be chilly all year round, so bring something warm always, just in case. Students should also pack at least one set of formal wear/ shoes for the Finale Night. Students are recommended to bring a hoodie or light jacket as classrooms are often air-conditioned and sometimes students may feel cold.


Students are also recommended to bring comfortable walking shoes, hats and refillable water bottles.


We also recommend students to pack props which they may want to use in their Talent Show.


Students must also bring all subscription medicine ( if applicable, and they must declare their health condition when register for our camp).


Sometimes our students also bring small gifts which represent their country’s culture and national spirit to give to their good friends at the camp. This is of course totally optional.

Other items your students may want to bring: sunglasses, cameras, sunblock, towels, beach-towels, small pack-back, padlocks, and other usual travelling items.


Q: Do students need to do any academic preparation before the camp?

A: Students are encouraged to complete a pre-camp placement test. They can also choose to take the placement test on the first day of class.

Students may be sent pre-camp tasks to help them prepare to make most out of our camps.


Q: Should students bring their own mobile phones?

A: This is optional. A smartphone with internet connection could be helpful for students to do research for their talent show and for their preparation for Public speaking speeches.


Q: Should students bring their laptops?

A: This is optional. A laptop could be helpful for students to do research for their talent show and for their preparation for Public speaking speeches.[/su_tab]


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Other Matters 


Students and group escorts/chaperones are expected to behave in proper manner and obey rules, laws and regulations at destination city. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the camp (at BlueSky Education’s discretion). 

By attending BlueSky education camps, students and parents must agree that students’ photos, videos and testimonials could be used for marketing purposes by BlueSky Education. [/su_tab][/su_tabs]