BlueSky Education provides educational study tours around the globe and during that time we will inevitably handle large amounts of your personal information. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to BlueSky education. We will endeavour to take all necessary steps to protect and ultimately dispose of any private information shared with or provided to us in accordance with information security best practices and applicable legislation. In the following sections we will explain our privacy policy, by continuing we assume you have carefully read the following terms and have agreed. Should you have further questions about BlueSky’s usage of your personal information email us at


The following sections outline our usage and protection policies of your personal information and defines relevant key terms.


  • Personal information: Any information that links directly to an individual, including but not limited to their name, address, email, phone number, billing information. This information is necessary for the provision and improvement of our services but is voluntary.
  • Non Personal Information: Any information collected relating to service operation or usage that does not directly link to an individual. Examples include but are not limited to referral data, pages viewed, time spent on individual pages, and location information.


Personal information is only collected and maintained to the extent necessary for the provision of our services. By voluntarily providing us with personal information you accept that we may contact you in the furtherance of our services. Should you elect, we may also use your personal information to provide you with occasional marketing materials about our other services relevant to your interests. Your personal information is for our sole use and will only be shared with third parties to the extent necessary to provide our services, such as provision of accommodation, meals, etc.

We maintain non-personal information, like cookies solely for the purpose of better understanding and improving the usage of our website.


If you have provided us with your email we may, from time to time, contact you with special offers, promotions, newsletters announcements or other such marketing content. Should you prefer to not receive communications of this kind you may opt out at any time by following the links contained in any of our electronic communications.


PBlueSky Education will take all steps necessary to protect your personal information in accordance with data security and privacy best practices as well as relevant local laws and regulations. All information provided to BlueSky is kept exclusively by BlueSky and is only accessible by members of the BlueSky team.


BlueSky will endeavour at all times to keep your personal information private and only disclose it in very limited circumstances. In the provision of our services some information may need to be shared with our partners and trusted third parties, but will only be disclosed to the extent necessary and may be opted out of at any time. We do not sell private information, including email lists to third parties for marketing purposes.

We may also be required to provide information where the provision of that information is required for the instigation of litigation or criminal proceedings in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


BlueSky will only retain personal information as long as necessary to complete the purposes for which it was provided and then will be immediately deleted. Should you wish to terminate your relationship with BlueSky we will promptly delete any collected personal information. 


The aforementioned privacy policy refers only to online information. All privacy information regarding content developed during camps is contained in our contract. Should you have questions about either policy please contact us at  By using this website and providing us with any personal information you are presumed to have accepted the above privacy policy.