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This course is perfect for students who want to improve their English and get to see two of the greatest English-speaking cities in the world.

The Multi-City programme focuses on many of the same skills emphasized in our Public Speaking and Leadership course. Working with a diverse, international class, with highly experienced teachers students engage in individual and group work to boost their English speaking skills and confidence. Focusing on fun, active lessons students improve without even realizing they’re learning. In the afternoons students get to see some of the most famous sites in Australia.

This course is perfect for students who want to improve their English and get to see two of the greatest English-speaking cities in the world.

The Multi-City programme focuses on many of ...


Students will learn the techniques of great leaders and public speakers throughout history, to prepare effective speeches and arguments, and how to work collaboratively with a diverse group of students.
Boost students confidence and conversation skills while learning the tips and tricks of great public speakers and having a variety of cultural experiences.
Students learn to vary and expand their speech beyond what is taught in traditional classrooms, how to engage an audience, present information in an interesting manner, and to both lead and work in groups.
Students will engage in fun group activities to build self confidence and comfort with classmates. Lessons are supplemented with debates and in-class presentations. From day one students are speaking and participating all the time.
Students learn how to shine on stage, pulling together all their new knowledge and skills they’ve learned through the week to give a presentation on a topic of their choice during our in-class speaking tournament and talent show.

course date

June 27 - July 17

Sun - Fri

Age range

10 - 17 years old

Class size

25 students max


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Duration Age range Class size Price

June 27 July 17

Sun - Fri

10 - 17 years old
25 students max

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Sample 2-Week Schedule

Timing Activity Evening activity

DAY 1 | Arrival in Melbourne


Welcome Party / Ice-breaker Games

DAY 2 | Melbourne City Tour

Melbourne City Tour

Games Night

DAY 3 | Public Speaking Lesson - Campus Tour & Assessment Interviews

Team Building@University of Melbourne


DAY 4 | Public Speaking Lesson - Using Facts & Statistics

Melbourne Street Art

Australian Games / Activities

DAY 5 | Public Speaking Lesson - Audience & Vocal Styles

Melbourne Museum


DAY 6 | Public Speaking Lesson - Body Language & Presentation Style

Shopping At DFO South Wharf

Quiz Night

DAY 7 | Attend A Local Festival

Attend A Local Festival


DAY 8 | Arrival in Sydney


Welcome Party

DAY 9 | Sydney City Tour

Sydney City Tour


DAY 10 | Public Speaking Lesson - Speaking Extempore

Macquarie University Amazing Race

Movie Night

DAY 11 | Public Speaking Lesson - Post Speech & How To Plan And Start A Draft

Aussie Beach Culture


DAY 12 | Public Speaking Lesson - In-class Speaking Tournament

Environment Workshop

Trivia Kahoot! Quiz Night

DAY 13 | Public Speaking Lesson - In-class Public Speaking & Talent Show

University of Sydney Visit

Aussie Birthday Games

DAY 14 | Checkout & Departure


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I was happy to get to see Sydney and Melbourne, they were both good cities but had very different feelings. In Sydney we saw more parks and animals and nature but Melbourne had many interesting old buildings. I hope that I can come back to Australia someday and see the rest of the country.

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I studied public speaking and leadership for the last two weeks. I feel much more confident than I did before, speaking in front of groups has always been hard for me but my teachers always made it fun.

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I saw many new places and tried a lot of things on this trip. Sydney and Melbourne are so different from Taiwan. I hope that my friends can come to Australia someday and see all the things I got to see.

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My favorite part of the camp was going to Taronga Zoo. Many of the animals I had never seen before and I thought koalas and kangaroos were so cute! I bought a stuffed koala to bring back to Vietnam with me.

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I really loved learning about Australian Aboriginal culture. We got to paint boomerangs and learned to do some dances. It was very fun. Their way of life is very different from ours and I was happy to get to experience part of it, even if I fell down while dancing.


    Yes, it is compulsory. Our terms and conditions require you/ students buy comprehensive travel insurance covering overseas medical expenses and contents. We will ask for proof of such insurance policies from you for all students prior to accepting them to our camp.

    Students should pack clothes appropriate for the weather in the destination city during the holiday camps. Note that London could be chilly all year round, so always bring something warm, just in case. Students should also pack at least one set of formal wear/shoes for the Finale Night. Students are recommended to bring a hoodie or light jacket as classrooms are often air-conditioned and sometimes students may feel cold. Students are also recommended to bring comfortable walking shoes as students will do a lot of walking in destination cities. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint we also ask students to bring refillable water bottles that they can carry with them on excursions. Our destination countries may have differently shaped power outlets and voltages than your home country. Students should bring a power adapter along with whatever other chargers or electronic devices they may need. We also recommend students to pack props which they may want to use in their Talent Show.

    Our students have a full programme of classes and activities, and as such we know where they are. At night time, we will also have checking procedure to make sure all students are in their rooms.

    Yes, we will provide 24/7 emergency number to your camp escorting teachers/ adults and students.

    All students and their activities are covered under our public liability insurance. At the same time, all students attending BlueSky camp are required to buy comprehensive travel insurance which cover overseas medical expenses, personal content etc…

    Students will be attended at all time by your own escorting teachers/ adults, as well as our camp managers and facilitators. Our hostels are typically equipped with surveillance system and guards. Students are not allowed to be out after 10:00pm.

    Yes, all of our meal providers are able to meet any dietary needs. Please fill in the health information form attached in our student registration form.

    Boys and girls will be placed in separate rooms. They could be on different floors or on the same floor. Typically escorting teachers/adults may stay on the same floor as students for easy group control, and on-site staff regularly check to make sure students are safe and in their rooms.

    Depending on the allocation of hostels and classrooms, classes and hostels may be at the same university or school, or otherwise.

    Our Camp Facilitators are trained to run fun-filled team-building activities. Debriefing after the activities will help students to understand main leadership & team-building learning points.

    We have a carefully selected list of attractions at destination cities to give students a chance to get to know the city, as well as to visit educational centres, historical monuments and museums. Visits to famous universities and college campuses have also inspired our students to strive for academic excellence.

    Check out our photo galleries to see our participants in action, and see our detailed schedule for the full course details.

    Yes, Blue Sky staff operate according to Child Safeguarding laws and best practice. Students will be supervised at all times with staff staying in the same accommodation as our students. Additionally, group leaders accompanying students will also stay in the same accommodation to ensure appropriate cover.

    All courses will offer a minimum of 12 hours of cultural workshop lessons or Leadership and Public Speaking classes per week.

    Maximum class-size is 25 students in Singapore and Sydney camps, and 20 students in London camps.

    Our students generally come from all over the world. Naturally, for Singapore and Australia camps, more students from the Asia Pacific region are expected due to their geographical locations.

    Yes, students will receive a certificate of completion if their attendance is at least 90% of classes. We require students to attend all classes, except due to health reasons.

    It's not unusual for children, especially younger ones away from home for the first time, to feel homesick the first few days. Most get over it quickly and go on to have a wonderful time. We provide structure and keep campers busy from the moment they arrive, which helps to shift their focus away from home to new friends and having fun. By the end of the first week, the routine is familiar and the homesickness has passed for the majority of campers.

    Yes, they are allowed to call parents during the evening before bed and if there is an emergency. We encourage both parents and students to not be in constant contact throughout the day as it is distracting from their lessons and activities.

    In all our years of running programmes, we have never suffered a major incident. In the course of outdoor activities, our staff are trained in first aid and will always try to prevent accidents like knee scrapes and falls.

    BlueSky is insured by public liability insurance but for individual students they should purchase their own travel and medical insurance. A detailed policy schedule is available at https://www.bluesky-education.com/policy.html.

    At every camp we will have at least one trained first aider who will be present on site and during all activities and excursions. In the dormitories, our staff conduct regular checks throughout the day and night, with a roll count in the morning and before lights out.

    Our participants range from 7 to 18 years old, and we will pair them up by similar age and gender.

    Participants should be able to communicate in basic English and are able to move around easily within the campus. Note that some campuses are not wheelchair friendly. They should also have individual travel documents with at least 6 months validity, and possess the relevant visas for entry into the respective countries. Please see the country pages for more information.

    If you are keen to sign up for a programme, you are encouraged to do so online at the course page. All courses are priced in USD.

    You will be issued a receipt upon signup, and we will contact you within 24 hours to verify your registration and answer any queries you may have. If you haven’t received any emails or calls from us, please let us know at support@blueskyeducation.com

    We regret that we are only able to accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or telegraphic transfers. Please contact us if you wish to make a telegraphic transfer.

    If you are withdrawing from a programme 90 days before its commencement, you can get a full refund minus the administrative fees charged by the credit card company/bank. You will be allowed a refund of 50% for cancellations within 90 days, and no refunds will be allowed within 2 weeks from commencement.




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