Singapore holds 5 of the top 150 hospitals in the world


Singapore’s healthcare system has been making headlines lately with the news that it holds five of the top 150 hospitals in the world. This remarkable achievement is based on the rankings released by Newsweek’s World’s Best Hospitals 2023. It is a proud moment for Singapore, as this recognition not only showcases the country’s world-class healthcare facilities but also highlights the success of its healthcare system. In this article, we will delve into the factors that have contributed to Singapore’s success, as well as explore the unique features of its healthcare system. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind the success of Singapore’s top hospitals and the implications it has for the country’s healthcare industry.

Singapore’s Healthcare System

Singapore’s healthcare system is renowned for its high quality and efficiency. The government has a strong focus on providing accessible and affordable healthcare for all citizens. This is achieved through a mix of public and private healthcare institutions, with strict regulations and standards set by the Ministry of Health. The system also emphasizes preventive care and early detection of illnesses, resulting in better health outcomes for patients. Singapore’s hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, allowing for advanced medical treatments and procedures. The country’s healthcare system also boasts a well-trained and skilled workforce, with continuous education and training opportunities provided by the government. This combination of factors has led to Singapore’s hospitals excelling in the global rankings, cementing their position as top healthcare providers in the world.

The Newsweek Rankings

Newsweek’s World’s Best Hospitals 2023 rankings use a rigorous methodology to assess and rank the top hospitals in the world. Singapore’s hospitals not only met but exceeded the criteria, securing spots within the top 150. These rankings take into account various factors such as patient satisfaction, quality of care, and reputation, all of which Singapore’s hospitals excel in. This recognition is a testament to the high standards and strict regulations set by the Singaporean government and the country’s focus on quality and efficient healthcare delivery. Their success in these rankings not only reflects the excellence of Singapore’s healthcare system but also showcases the potential for continued growth and success in the future.

The 5 Top Hospitals

Singapore is known for its world-class healthcare system, with top-ranked hospitals serving both locals and medical tourists alike. These hospitals are renowned for their advanced medical services, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to patient care. Here are some of the top hospitals in Singapore:

  1. Singapore General Hospital (SGH): Ranked 9th in the world, SGH is the largest hospital in Singapore with a history dating back to 1821. It offers a comprehensive range of medical services and is known for its expertise in various specialities, including cardiology and oncology.
  2. National University Hospital (NUH): Ranked in 96th place, NUH is a leading academic medical centre that specializes in areas such as neurology and transplant surgery. It is also home to a state-of-the-art robotic surgery program.
  3. Mount Elizabeth Hospital – Orchard: Ranked in 105th place, Mount Elizabeth (Orchard) is located in the heart of Singapore’s prime shopping district, Mount Elizabeth Hospital – Orchard is a popular choice for medical tourists. It offers world-class medical services in a luxurious and comfortable setting.
  4. Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH): Ranked in 130th place in the world, Tan Tock Seng Hospital is known for its focus on preventive care and community health. It has also received recognition for its advancements in healthcare technology.
  5. Gleneagles Hospital: Ranked in 135th place in the world, Gleneagles Hospital is located in the heart of the prestigious Orchard Road, Gleneagles Hospital is a premier healthcare institution that has been providing world-class medical services for over 60 years. With a commitment to excellence and patient-centred care, Gleneagles Hospital has become a trusted name in the medical industry, both locally and internationally.

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With their world-class facilities, cutting-edge technology, and renowned expertise, these top hospitals in Singapore are leading the way in providing exceptional healthcare services to patients around the world.

Factors Contributing to Singapore’s Success

There are several key factors that have contributed to the success of Singapore’s top hospitals. Firstly, the government’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for healthcare excellence has played a significant role. This includes strict regulations, high standards, and ample funding for healthcare infrastructure and resources. Additionally, the advanced technology and innovation in these hospitals have greatly improved the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. The hospitals also have a well-trained and skilled workforce, with continuous investments in training and development. These factors have helped Singapore’s top hospitals excel in areas such as patient satisfaction, quality of care, and reputation, as recognized by Newsweek’s rankings. With such a strong foundation, Singapore is well-positioned for continued success and growth in its healthcare industry.

Implications of This Achievement

Having 5 of the top 150 hospitals in the world is a major achievement for Singapore’s healthcare industry. This recognition not only demonstrates the high quality and efficiency of Singapore’s healthcare system but also has significant implications for the country’s economy. Medical tourism is expected to increase, bringing in more revenue and boosting Singapore’s reputation as a global healthcare hub. This achievement also highlights the potential for continued growth and success in the future, as Singapore’s top hospitals continue to uphold their standards and strive for excellence. Additionally, this accomplishment elevates the overall perception of Singapore’s healthcare system, further solidifying its position as a world leader in healthcare. Overall, having 5 top hospitals in Singapore has both economic and reputational benefits for the country and its healthcare industry.


In conclusion, Singapore’s achievement of having 5 hospitals ranked within the top 150 in the world is a testament to its exceptional healthcare system. The government’s focus on quality and efficiency, along with strict regulations, has paved the way for excellence in healthcare delivery. The impressive rankings by Newsweek further solidify Singapore’s position as a global leader in healthcare.

The success of these 5 hospitals can be attributed to various factors, including advanced technology, innovation, and a skilled workforce. This has not only brought recognition to Singapore’s healthcare industry but also has the potential for economic benefits through medical tourism.

Moving forward, Singapore’s top hospitals are set to continue their success and contribute to the overall growth and development of the country’s healthcare system. With this achievement, Singapore has cemented its position as a global leader in providing top-notch healthcare services.

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