Unique Educational Courses

Stunning beaches and friendly people; a modern paradise

Sydney is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With its excellent weather, stunning beaches and friendly people, it is truly a modern paradise. Sydney is also the business hub of Australia. Its citizens have a global outlook and its infrastructure is superb. From its financial services to transport and logistics, to telecommunications and IT, is it no surprise that so many businesses choose to base themselves in Sydney.

Our courses in Australia

Young Leaders and Public Speaking

BlueSky Education is proud to present our flagship Young Leaders and Public Speaking Programme. The course aim is to increase students’ confidence in spoken English as well as help them develop key life-skills.


Inspired by the abundance of wildlife and unique landscapes in Australia, this course gets students outside and appreciating our natural world. With climate change, it is increasingly important that the younger generation are aware of how to look after our planet.


Programme Highlights

We are proud of the unique and rewarding programmes we have created.


Engaging Lessons

Communicative based lessons with a focus on skills and speaking English

Activity Programme

Full activity programme with local trips, visits  to famous locations and teambuilding tasks.

Full Day Excursions

Excursions by private coach to historial and significant towns and cities.

Accommodation and Meals

Our all-inclusive programmes provide quality accommodation and all meals.