Educational Programmes in Australia

BlueSky in Sydney

Sydney is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With its excellent weather, stunning beaches and friendly people, it is truly a modern paradise.

Sydney is also the business hub of Australia. Its citizens have a global outlook and its infrastructure is superb. From its financial services to transport and logistics, to telecommunications and IT, is it no surprise that so many businesses choose to base themselves in Sydney.

Sydney Programmes

Young Leaders and Public Speaking

Improve Public Speaking skills and learn to speak with confidence with 15 hours of English and Public Speaking classes with fun and engaging teachers. Compete for top Public Speaking and Talent Show prizes at Grand Finale Night.

Environment and Wildlife

Global business and society are becoming more and more focused on humanity’s interaction with the environment. As the effects of climate change begin to bite, it will become increasingly important for the younger generation to have a strong understanding of this subject.